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Kenny Kunene in the House

Kenny Kunene is going back to the drawing board after having a catastrophic stint as a promoter, he was apparently conned out of  millions by an agent allegedly claiming to represent several international artist , I think Drake was one of them.

The “Sushi King” is planning yet another major music festival which he hopes will be a large success. Another extravagant Kunene birthday party might also be in the woodwork, who can forget the unmistakable 40th birthday party which birthed his nicknames “Mr Sushi” and “Sushi King”.

Kenny Kunene is the owner of Club ZAR nightclubs in South Africa & Zimbabwe and the director of X Concepts ,a media company.
Kenny also owns a start-up record label called New Money Records with Fameboy-Hydro as one of his first signings.
Our sushi king started out as an English teacher then became a (PR)Public Relations Consultant and now is the host of reality show ,“KK-So What”.
Latest News:

Kunene Kunene has recently been rumoured to have run out of money after losing Club Zar in johannesburg.Kunene dispelled these rumours as rubbish,telling the media that he will never go broke.
Mr Kunene is affiliated with many political figures,most notably Khanyi Mbau and Julius Malema whom frequently attend Kenny’s extravagant parties.

His 41st Birth will be in October and I bet you that it will be hotter than wasabi, this time Kunene intends  on keeping the theme African appealing to South Africa to not look at all Nigerians as just drug dealer and rather sample their music, not in those very words.

This theme should be so unlike last year’s Jay Z lifestyle, big pimping party where attendees drank Ace of Spades champagne also known as Armand de Brignac until ungodly hours of the morning.

A strong line up of international artist are supposedly  going to be performing, then again who can doubt this guy ?

Kenny Kunene’s houses, Kenny Kunene’s cars and Kenny Kunene franchises such as Club ZAR, ZARfest are big reasons not to doubt this tycoon and his capabilities.A Few months back Kunene blew out over R20 million to host international superstars, Phat Joe, Ciara, Timbaland ,Lil’ Kim, and DJ Scratch for the unforgettable ZARFEST which spanned out across 3 major cities but failed due to poor ticket sales or lack of promotional experience.

I surely find Mr Kunene  charismatic, he eats Sushi of the naked flesh of models and crashes Lamborghini’s as if they were go-carts.

Here are a number of things that Kenny Kunene owns and endorses.

  • Kunenes Record label -New Money
  • ZarFest ,Club ZAR
  • Cape Town and Sandton.

Here are the things I think he wouldn’t admit owning and endorsing

  • Julius Malema
  • Joburg
  • House of Monatic
  • A Share in Tong Lok ,Ocean Basket, Cape Town Fish Market  and I&J
  • Road Accident Fund

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